It can be very daunting if you don’t know the right Microsoft licensing for your business needs. As a Microsoft Partner and licensed reseller, Jaispirit provides strategic guidance on the appropriate and most cost-effective software licensing to go with and our Consulting Service team can help your organization to maximize the benefits of your technology investment.

At Jaispirit, we have helped clients with licensing for a wide range of Microsoft business technologies and to deliver the solutions they want to see in their businesses.

Potential customers will be provided with a Windows Server (Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, Windows Server 2016 Essentials or Windows Server 2016 Standard) running encrypted in a Virtual Machine on our secured dedicated servers, which are located in a high secured data center in Europe. They have the opportunity to also choose a Microsoft software and pay on a monthly basis and it’s usually installed by Jaispirit as a service.

Our Subscription Based Licensing

Our subscription-based licensing allows us to offer software applications at a much lower entry price points when compared to outright license purchase, which encourages new users to go for the offer because it’s cheaper and affordable. With a recurring monthly subscription licensing, business grows faster due to less overhead cost.

With our monthly subscription service, your software license remains, as long as payment is made. However, if the subscription is canceled or payment stopped, then software license is disabled.

We are adequately empowered and expected to accomplish tasks for the benefit of our customers, their businesses and to ensure that our service delivery yields better results.

We feel a personal sense of urgency on matters relating to our clients. We truly want them to succeed.
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